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Who or what is Glohithia

Who or what is Glohithia

I listen again and again in Rotting Christ's song The sign of evil existence the chorus "Summon Glohithia, appears in snake shape". I know these guys talks about old folklore, like sumerians or so.

Does any one of you has an idea who, or what it is? Googling only gives me references to the song.

I would bet that Glohithia is just a misspelled Glochidia


which are larvae of freshwater mussels. Some of them appear to have a snake-like shape.

I find no historical reference for this term. I would say made up for the song lyrics.

Let me edit my answer a little. I did spend time searching for this term, and found no website, no link to Sumerian, Babylonian, or Demonic mythologies that I tried linking with the term. No image showing it. No Book referencing it. That is what I meant by finding no reference to this term. (I hope someone does find something, so I can learn where my search failed.)

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